Best of 2014: Well Groomed Grooms

It’s no secret that we adore a well groomed groom on a wedding day! We’ve been thrilled to see so many dapper gentlemen in our black tie wedding submissions! Even the small details can make a big difference on a wedding day — from cuff links to boutonnieres to the pair of shoes — and these grooms dressed to impress! Congratulations to each of our top ten choices for this year’s best dressed grooms and the photographers who captured them looking their best!


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One: We love a groom in uniform! This groom donned his U.S. Marine Corp dress blues for his wedding day, ensuring he would look handsome and classic! He is our choice for best dressed groom of 2014! See more of this well groomed groom in this elegant Belvedere Hotel wedding by Abby Grace Photography!


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Two: This groom’s style looks effortless and classic! We love his tux and tie combination, and the simple elegance of his boutonniere and handkerchief! See more of this stylish groom in this elegant New York City wedding by Alicia Ann Photographers!


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Three: We love this groom’s choice of colorful wedding day attire! From the navy tuxedo to the striped tie and the pink handkerchief, this groom put a fun twist on a classic black tie look. See more of this groom in this exquisite Crane Estate wedding by Caroline Talbot Photography!



Four: This groom’s custom designed deep blue tuxedo is a bold twist on classic wedding attire! We love the way the color pops through their wedding images. And paired with a black bow tie? Perfection! See more of this groom’s style in this sophisticated Kansas City wedding by Catherine Rhodes Photography! Custom tuxedo designed by Tom Marchitelli of Gentleman’s Playbook!


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Five: This groom’s timeless style is evident in each piece of his wedding day attire! From a stylish black tuxedo to a classic timepiece and his well-shined black shoes, it’s clear that this well groomed groom knows that every detail matters! See more in this historic Union City Station wedding by Cory & Jackie Photography!



Six: This groom’s wardrobe is classic in every way, and he adheres to the adage: “you’re never fully dressed without a smile!” His bow tie, cufflinks, and black tux all pair perfectly, but our favorite aspect of this groom’s attire is the smile you see throughout his wedding day! See more of this dapper groom in this sophisticated Santa Monica wedding by Heather Kincaid!



Seven: We love the deep navy of this groom’s tuxedo! His look is both stylish and elegant, and we love that he paired his wardrobe with a classic bowtie! See more of this handsome groom in this stunning Netherlands wedding by Indra Simons Weddings!


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Eight: This groom looks so handsome in his grey tux! We love the traditional tie tucked in to his vest, and the pop of white brought out by his boutonniere! Add in his glasses, and we feel this groom had a timeless look for his wedding day! See more of  this dapper gentleman in this elegant manor wedding by Liz and Ryan!


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Nine: We adore this groom’s twist on classic black tie wear! The white jacket with black bowtie is a charming look paired with the black pants! We love that he matched his groomsmen as well. Everything about this look says class and style. Well done! See more of this groom in this stunning Georgetown wedding by Nikki Santerre!



Ten: We love this groom’s style! His classic black tux with matching bowtie is as classic a look as they come! Paired with his personal style – and help from those adorable potential future well groomed grooms – this groom added his own flair to traditional black tie attire that suits him perfectly! See more of this groom in this romantic Richmond wedding by V.A. Photography!



Runner Up: We love the way this groom’s handkerchief and boutonniere add pops of modern flair to a traditional black tie wedding look! The polka dots and stripes are just subtle enough that they don’t overpower the classic feel of the bowtie and tuxedo. See more of this well groomed groom in this romantic Felt Mansion wedding by Bradley James Photography!


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