Best Of 2015: Moments

There is nothing more important on a wedding day than the moments. The gown, the decor, the stationery – that all fades. But the memories? They are lasting. Today we’re celebrating the moments: the planned and the unexpected, the ones during events and the ones in between. These are our picks for the best moments of 2015.


One: We love this moment of bride and groom! The joy in their faces, the movement – we love it all. Photo by Jennifer Hejna. See more moments in this romantic Germany wedding.



Two: We love the candidness of this moment! The bride’s laugh is captured so perfectly, the motion of the veil, and the band behind her all create a memorable image that we love! Photo by Hazelnut Photography. See more of this bride in this sophisticated Millennium Biltmore wedding.



Three: An unexpected twirl on the dance floor is captured beautifully in this image! We love the movement in the bride’s gown, the pure joy on her face, and the happiness found on the faces of those in the background. It’s a moment to remember! Photo by Jenn Kavanagh Photography. See more in this elegant blush wedding.


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Four: This candid moment is wonderfully unassuming! The bride freshens up her lipstick on her way to the ceremony. It’s unplanned and such a classic looking image that we can’t help but love it. Photo by Bethany and Dan Photography. See more of this bride’s romantic Vermont wedding.


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Five: Moments with family are so special! We love the look on Grandma’s face in this image. So sweet and a photograph their family will cherish for generations! Photo by Liz and Ryan. See more in this classic Hotel DuPont Delaware wedding.



Six: Just before she enters the church to be married. We love the timeless look of this image! The cobblestone street, the bride’s attendant keeping her veil from touching the ground, and the slight motion all create an iconic image. Photo by Barbara Tursan Misic. See more of this iconic Croatian wedding.


Seven: We love the moments between bride and her bridesmaids and family as she’s getting ready for her wedding! This image exudes warmth and friendship in such a genuine way. Photo by Dana Cubbage Weddings. See more in this classic Charleston wedding.


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Eight: We can never have enough images showing the love between a father and his daughter on her wedding day! We adore the emotional look on Dad’s face as he sees his little girl in her wedding gown! So sweet! Photo by Chloe Luka Photography. See more in this elegant Cleveland, Ohio wedding.



Nine: This image captures such a special moment between the bride and flower girl! We love that the bride took the time to pause getting ready to give her little flower girl a bit of makeup. Such a sweet moment that they’ll treasure! Photo by Stephanie Yonce Photography. See more in this timeless Southern wedding.


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Ten: We love the emotion captured in this image! The well groomed groom’s laughter draws you in, and you know they’ll never forget what was said in that toast! Photo by Alicia Ann Photographers. See more in this elegant Norholm Gods wedding.



Runner Up: This sweet moment had to be mentioned! We love that bride and groom exchanged letters before their ceremony and read them back to back! The bride’s emotional reaction says it all. Such a great moment! Photo by Perry Vaile. See more in this elegant Morais Vineyards wedding.


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