Best of 2016: Moments

Each year we look back at the wedding submissions we’ve received throughout the year. We review the weddings again and pick our favorites, the “Best Of” the year in categories that inspire and move us. We’re thrilled to bring this tradition back again this year! Kicking off our Best of 2016 is one of our favorite categories – moments.

The moments that make up a wedding day are one of our favorite things to look for in submissions. These are images that are full of emotion – the ones that are unplanned, include loved ones, and are often found in between the main events. We love to see the images that will become family heirlooms and cherished reminders of the best parts of the day. Without further adieu, we present to you the Best Moments of 2016. Enjoy!

One: We love this moment from the bridal suite, photographed by Reid & Brittany! This image exudes emotion and is one that we know will be loved by this family for years to come. See more in this classic winter wedding.


Two: This well groomed groom’s reaction to seeing his bride coming down the aisle steals the show! We love his reaction – and the knowing expression on his best man’s face. See more great moments in this iconic historic Baltimore wedding by Lauren Myers Photography.


Three: We love to see the “first look” between a bride and her father! The joy in this bride’s face is contagious! Photo by Katherine Salvatori. See more in this elegant black tie wedding.


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Four: We love the powerful emotion in this image by Spring Smith Studios! You can almost hear this well groomed groom reading the vows he wrote to his bride. Her expression says it all! See more in this intimate Boston wedding.



Five: There’s nothing quite like making an entrance. We love the iconic feel of this photo by Taylor and Ben Photography. With her hand in the air and his arm wrapped around her waist as they kiss, the couple is captured in a loving, celebratory embrace while their guests cheer. It’s a perfect piece of their wedding story. See more in this elegant Union Station Washington D.C. wedding!


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Six: Ceremony moments are some of the most intimate and sweet. We love this capture of the teary-eyed bride as her groom kneels before her during their feet washing ceremony. This sweet moment of love, captured by Melissa Jill Photography, is a telling part of their wedding story. See more great moments in this charming vintage Colorado wedding.



Seven: We love a good wedding exit, and this sparkler exit image by Taylor and Ben Photography stands out. We love the movement captured, the smile of the groom, and the sense that the moment was plucked out of time just to be kept close. See more of this couple in their elegant Washington D.C. wedding.



Eight: The first dance may be a planned moment, but the joyful laughter we see in this image by Jillian Joseph Photography isn’t something that can be planned. We love the carefree expression of the groom as he holds his new wife close. This is an image that will no doubt be shown to family for generations. See more of this couple’s romantic Florida country club wedding.


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Nine: We have a soft spot for the father-of-the-bride. There’s so much emotion in the moments that occur between him and his daughter on a wedding day! This hug, captured by Spring Smith Studios, is such a beautiful example. You can see all the emotion right on his face! See more of this classic New Hampshire inn wedding.


Ten: There’s so much joy in this wedding exit image by Dana Cubbage! We love the expression of both the black tie bride and her well groomed groom. The confetti flying and expressions of the guests add to the celebratory feeling of the photo. We love it! See more in this elegant Hilton Head Island Resort wedding.


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