Best Of 2017: Moments

One of our favorites in the Best Of series is the best moments of the year! More than fashion or decor, moments are the most beautiful pieces of a wedding. From the big moments you expect to the unexpected ones, moments captured are the most powerful images of a wedding. Enjoy!

ONE: The first kiss as husband and wife is always a beautiful moment at a wedding! We especially love this one and its perspective. We can see all of the joy and celebration in the faces of the guests as well as the love between the bride and her well groomed groom. It all combines to create an incredible moment! Photo by Bethany and Dan Photography. See more in this elegant Providence library wedding.


TWO: The bridal suite holds some beautiful moments! This capture is a stunning example of that. We love the elegance we see in this image, and the beautiful way it tells the story of this bride’s day. Photo by Susie and Becky. See more in this elegant Willard InterContinental Hotel wedding.


THREE: We love the emotion in this quiet moment! The bride reads a love letter from her groom in a pew of the church where she would soon marry her best friend. Photo by Eric and Jamie. See more in this classic Alabama church wedding.


FOUR: We love this glimpse into the bride and her father walking into the church for the wedding ceremony! It’s such a gorgeous moment! Photo by Sarah Bradshaw Photography. See more in this elegant Georgetown wedding.


FIVE: This moment contains so much joy! We love the expressions on the face of this bride as she and her groom exit the church where they were married. Surrounded by family, friends and bubbles, the couple walks into a new beginning. Photo by Amanda Donaho. See more in this romantic Cincinnati country club wedding.


SIX: This bride’s reaction to seeing her well groomed groom during their first look is priceless! We love all of the joy in her expression! Photo by Jessica Haley. See more in this elegant black tie wedding in New York City.


SEVEN: Capturing the wedding exit from this perspective creates such a stunning image! It makes us feel like we’re walking into the future with this bride and groom. With sparklers lighting the way and her hand in his, the future is bright. Photo by Cheyenne Schultz Photography. See more in this elegant Charlotte Mansion wedding.


EIGHT: The reaction of the father of the bride to seeing his daughter in her gown on the wedding day is so priceless! We can’t get over the emotion in the moment. Photo by Angela Newton Roy Photography. See more in this timeless Four Seasons Baltimore wedding.


NINE: We love this well groomed groom’s triumphant joy as he and his bride walk out of their wedding ceremony! It’s such a great moment! Photo by Cheyenne Schultz Photography. See more in this romantic North Carolina mansion wedding.


TEN: The emotion in this father-daughter dance is so moving! The look in his eyes is so sweet! Photo by Stephanie Nunley. See more in this romantic winter wedding.

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